If we are serious about saving thousands of at-risk species, we must invest in collaborative, on-the-ground solutions that match the magnitude of the wildlife crisis. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is the bipartisan solution we need.
— National Wildlife Federation, CO-OP Member

The Bill

Read the full text of H.R. Bill 3742, “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2019,” and track its progress.

Summary from

the RAWA Alliance

See a more in-depth summary of the bill and the impact it could have.

1. RAWA would expand the work of Colorado's State Wildlife Action Plan which has been key to implementing proactive, voluntary, successful conservation since 2005: 159 Species of Greatest Conservation Need (55 Tier 1 SGCN, 104 Tier 2 SGCN).

2.Millions of dollars in total allocations to Colorado for investment in conservation:

  • STWG Apportionment (FY2016): $1,026,498

  • Allocation specifically to Colorado from the estimated $1.3 billion : $29,808,471

  • 25% Non-federal Match (estimated): $9,936,157

Why RAWA matters

to Colorado

Colorado Mountain Club members value the natural beauty of flora and fauna throughout the state and strongly support the conservation of natural resources and wildlife across the country. Birding, wildlife viewing and fishing are common club activities as stand-alone recreation opportunities as well as scenic benefits when hiking, climbing or skiing in Colorado. By protecting wildlife and their natural habitats through the RAWA bill, we will also help protect scenic landscapes and unique recreation experiences for generations to come. — Colorado Mountain Club, CO-OP Member

Help Support Passage

of the Bill

  1. Write a letter of support … this template can get you started.

  2. Call your member of Congress today and ask them to co-sponsor the bill!

    Here’s the current list of co-sponsors.

  3. Use social media to raise awareness. Use the hashtag #RecoverWildlife.