To collaborate as a partnership we recognize, utilize and value our Colorado Outdoor Principles (adapted from the SHIFT Principles - Shaping HOw we invest for tomorrow)

1. Outdoor recreation and conservation require that a diversity of lands and waters be publicly owned, available for public access, and cared for properly.

2. Within Colorado’s diversity of land and waters, private land plays a critical role in preserving the ecological integrity of a functional landscape that is necessary for robust and meaningful outdoor recreational experiences.

3. Both conservation and recreation  are needed to sustain Colorado’s quality of life. Both are beneficial to local economic well-being, for personal health, and for sustaining Colorado’s natural resources.

4. All recreation has impact. Coloradans have an obligation to minimize these impacts across the places they recreate and the larger landscape through ethical outdoor behavior.

5. Proactive management solutions, combined with public education, are necessary to care for land, water and wildlife, and to provide the protections needed to maintain quality recreation opportunities.

6. Physical, biological and social science must inform the management of outdoor recreation.

7. Stable, long-term, and diverse funding sources are essential to protect the environment and support outdoor recreation.

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Our Commitment

The Colorado Outdoor Partnership believes leaders across the State must collaborate and innovate to ensure our private and public lands and water remain healthy to support our diverse wildlife, outdoor and agricultural heritage, and economic wellbeing. We commit to promoting the importance and stewardship of public and private lands and waters to support sustainable habitat conservation and responsible outdoor recreation. We commit to support, improve, and strengthen public and private funding to conserve these resources. Our collaborative commitment means that Colorado will remain a beautiful and healthy place to live, work and play for generations to come.

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