Colorado Parks And Wildlife Hopes To Hook The Next Generation On The Thrill — And The Responsibility — Of Hunting

Every spring, the Youth Hunter Outreach Program pairs experienced hunters with young beginners, which this time ranged in age from 11 to 15. The idea is to get them a hunting mentor and an experience their parents may not be able to provide.

Murray thinks the loss of the hunting tradition fuels a disconnect between young people and food on their plate. Read more …

Matthew Gray
Tourism Office Partners with Leave No Trace

With many Colorado residents voicing concerns about impacts of travelers on special places and natural resources, the Roadmap’s STEWARD Pillar laid the groundwork for a new partnership aimed at protecting what makes Colorado such a special destination. As part of this initiative, The Colorado Tourism Office is encouraging travelers to explore off-peak seasons and less-visited destinations, while inspiring them to travel like a local, engage in “voluntourism” and support causes dear to Coloradans. Read More …

Matthew Gray
Your stoke won’t save us

The idea that outdoor recreation leads to meaningful conservation rests on a big ‘if.’ Stoke: North American slang, with origins in surfing. These days, we’re stoked on gear, stoked on activities, and stoked on content. More than mere jargon, stoke has become an ethos, claiming the best life is one lived with unbridled enthusiasm and the uncomplicated pursuit of experience. For those of us who identify with modern outdoor recreation culture, stoke has increasingly begun to mediate our relationship with the natural world. Read more from High Country News …

Matthew Gray