Our Vision and values

In 2050, Colorado’s people and economy thrive because of our healthy lands, water, wildlife, working farms and ranches, and improved hunting, angling and recreation opportunities for all.

Using our values (the Colorado Outdoor Principles) as a guide, the Colorado Outdoor Partnership works for this future.

What challenge are we trying to solve?

This answers questions around why we’re gathered together:

Increasing popular demand for the availability of outdoor spaces – plus our growing understanding of how important private and public lands and water are to our economy, quality of life and health – make it essential that everyone work collaboratively to conserve Colorado’s outdoors. Click for additional background information.

Who Is the Colorado Outdoor Partnership?

Use this paragraph to post at the end of information pieces, updates, press releases or support letters:

The Colorado Outdoor Partnership is a coalition of leaders working to ensure Colorado will remain a beautiful and healthy place to live, work and play for generations to come. The CO-OP fosters public-private partnerships to advance strategies that ensure Colorado’s public lands and water remain healthy to support diverse wildlife, outdoor and agricultural heritage, and economic wellbeing.

SOcial media

If you are discussing the Colorado Outdoor Partnership on Social Media, please use the following tags and handles:

Twitter and Instagram: #ColoradoOutdoorPartnership, #ColoradoForever

Facebook: @ColoradoOutdoorPartnership

What are we trying to achieve?

  • Decision makers see the CO-OP as a credible resource on outdoors/conservation related issues.

  • Decision makers recognize economic and social benefits of the outdoors and make conservation/access a priority.

  • Funding increases to support the outdoors and advance CO-OP vision.

  • Participation in stewardship of outdoor resources and membership in CO-OP organizations increases.

  • Support for public land management grows.

Who is our audience?

  • Decision makers - local, state, federal

  • Land managers/recreation providers - local, state, federal, tribal

  • Outdoor recreation industry

  • Agricultural industry

  • Conservation interests/ nonprofits 

  • Sportspersons

  • Outdoors persons