Working Together


Organizations involved in the Colorado Outdoor Partnership represent the intersection of conservation and outdoor recreation interests related to land, water, and wildlife in Colorado. We ensure that the decisions we come to are collaborative and represent all members' interests to the best of our ability. Organizations represent the following sectors: outdoor recreation groups, conservation, sportsmen/women, anglers, environmental education, outdoor recreation industry partners, lands stewardship, agriculture and ranching, and government. 

Membership is currently by invitation, and specific to decision makers and leaders within organizations of statewide significance. We expect those leaders to attend as often as possible to maintain the strength of the group.  New members may be added in the future by referral and as the Partnership sees gaps and opportunities in our current model.

Key Attributes of Membership

  • Members are committed to the purpose and vision of the Colorado Outdoor Partnership.
  • Members must be empowered to make decisions for their organizations they represent. It is understood that for some decisions, organizational representatives will need to consult with their boards and leadership prior to making decisions.
  • Government members serve in an advisory or ex-officio capacity and can abstain from taking a formal position in decision making.


Steering Committee Members review and approve CO-OP meeting agendas. As needed, this committee will address overarching leadership questions and make recommendations to the partnership. Membership consists of select CPW staff as the Coordinating Entity, the Chair of the Outreach Committee and the Chair of the Policy Committee. In addition, if not represented by the above members, the Steering Committee should have representation from each of the following sectors: Outdoor Recreation, Sportsmen (Hunting/Angling); Conservation, Agriculture and Stewardship.

Policy & Funding Committee Members make recommendations to the CO-OP and advance the partnership’s goals to support, improve, and strengthen public and private funding to advance the purpose.

Outreach Committee Members  make recommendations to the CO-OP and advance the partnership’s goals to promote the importance and stewardship of public and private lands and waters to support agricultural, habitat conservation and outdoor recreation.

CO-OP members are encouraged to participate on Committees. Other committees or work groups (short-term committees) may be formed as needed.


Ground Rules

Colorado Outdoor Partnership members agree to following three ground rules during all meetings, discussions, and decision-making process: Be respectful, Be constructive and Be productive. To make decisions under these main guidelines, we use a consensus process.


Considering the membership attributes and ground rules stated above, decisions will be based on a gradient of consensus. When possible, decision items will be presented and decided upon in one meeting. Policy level and more complex decisions will be vetted at the committee level and presented to the CO-OP to reflect upon in advance of the meeting where the item is presented for decision. In making decisions, each Colorado Outdoor Partnership member will indicate his/her concurrence on a specific proposal using the five-point gradient below.

Gradients of Consensus:

  1. Full Endorsement: I like it, I fully support it. 

  2. Support with Reservations: I have some reservations but can live with it. 
  3. Abstain: Either this issue does not pertain to me but I don’t want to block the group, or my organization cannot take a position on this. 
  4. Can’t Support: I block this proposal. If any member(s) feels so strongly that a decision should not be made, because of the negative impacts it will have on the CO-OP, then it will not be made. A 4 should be used sparingly and only as a last resort.
  5. Indecision - If a member cannot make a decision without more information, the member must specify what information is needed, and re-vote once that information has been obtained. Ideally, the need for more information is expressed and managed prior to the meeting.

* A member who consistently uses a 4 during consensus should speak with the Steering Committee about their role within the CO-OP and whether or not what we’re trying to achieve and our overall vision is the right fit for them and their organization.


The full CO-OP meets quarterly. Schedule is set to coincide with CPW’s annual Partners in the Outdoors Conference that takes place in April or May every year.

The Steering Committee will meet at least once prior to each meeting of the Partnership to set the agenda. Other committees will meet in between meetings of the Partnership on an as-needed basis as determined by the Committee Chair.

Coordinating Entity

Colorado Parks and Wildlife convenes, coordinates and facilitates the Colorado Outdoor Partnership. The decisions, resolutions, and strategies that come out of the CO-OP though are driven and approved by the membership. Meeting notes will be taken by a member of the Coordinating Entity and will be reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee prior to distribution to the CO-OP.  Currently, Colorado Parks and Wildlife serves in this role.