Off Highway Recreation

Our goal is for multiple user groups, land agencies, and different types of organizations to collaborate and find common solutions.  This article from Outdoor Magazine helps us understand one such group quite a bit better. Read more ...

Matthew Gray
CPW Begins Exploring Alternative Funding Mechanisms

Would you be willing to pay an extra sales tax on outdoor gear or buy a license plate stamp to support the Centennial state's outdoor spaces? That's what Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to know, as it's beginning a conversation about how to pay for conservation in the future. READ MORE

Matthew Gray
CPW officials cite 50 percent drop in Eagle Valley’s elk population

By Pam Boyd
Vail Daily

EAGLE COUNTY — Imagine if, over a 10-year period, half of Eagle County’s human population disappeared. We would be using the terms “drastic,” “alarming” and maybe even “catastrophic” to describe the situation. During the past decade, that exact scenario has played out for one group of county residents. Today’s elk population in the area — read more

Matthew Gray